Vault A113

Vault A113 Episode 15: So Dear To My Heart

March 1, 2017

Sorry to say, but this week Doctor Torg is out of comission, too much tainted molerat meat, we've all been there. Elsa is very dissapointed, and can you blame her? That means it is up to Matt and Crankshaft to welcome their guest this week, Dronnie! Dronnie recently left the train that circumnavigates the globe to stretch his legs after a 32 year long trip, and he showed up just in time to watch a Disney movie that is positively a diamond in the rough. That's right, the Disney classic So Dear To My Heart. The classic tale of a boy and his sheep. Trust me, if you haven't already watched it, it is definitely worth a watch, especially because it make the commentary at the end even better.